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How to Book

Just 3 easy steps:

1. Find your apartment
-- our website is easy to browse and has useful tools such as Search box for available apartments

2. Check the price
-- the prices displayed on our website are the full costs of your accommodation. There are no hidden fees.

3. Confirm and Pay
-- we require basic details for confirmation, such as your name and your email.
-- payments can be done easily online, please read more about it below.

The first stage of the booking does not bind you in any way. You can use it to get in touch with us, and ask for offers.

If you wish to confirm your reservation for this apartment, you can do so on the next step, "Confirmation and Payment".

By clicking the submit button when checking the prices and availability, you'll send us a message with the data entered , and you will be directed to the next step of booking.
If you do not complete the next step, we'll understand that you just wanted to make an enquiry and not a firm booking, and we'll email you our suggestions.
If you complete the next step, your booking is finalized.

Since we rent mainly individual holiday apartments and not hotel rooms, each accommodation is unique.
Before sending you your final confirmation by email, we will check your booking personally, to make sure that no errors or double bookings are allowed.
In case of any error, if we are not able to confirm your booking for the chosen apartment, we'll send you a list of alternative accommodation.
If you already made the deposit payment, if there is any error we will refund the full amount to you.

In practice we only had this situation twice in almost 10 years, and in both cases we sorted out the situation in the best interest of our guests.

How to use our website

Our website aims to be a useful tool for finding accommodation. There are a couple of features that we offer you through our website:

Search box

Just enter your arrival, departure and number of persons and you'll see the apartments available in the chosen city.

Complete information

All accommodations listed on our website come with a full package of information, so you can see exactly what you get.

For each apartment you can see:
- a detailed description
- information about facilities and equipment
- full address, map and a noe about the area
- detailed pricelist, along with full price calculation
- guests' ratings, comments -- and you are welcome to add your own comments!
- the type of discounts available for each apartment.

Behind the website, a human face

As I said before, our website is a useful tool. But it's just a tool, designed to make your search for accommodaiton easier.

Any time you need assistance, we are here ready to help out. You can contact us by phone, by email or (the easiest) through our live chat system, present throughout our website.

If you have suggestions, comments or requests please do let us know.


At the time of the booking a deposit is required. This varies between cities, the length of your stay, the type of apartment.
It usually is 15 - 20% of the total cost of accommodation.

This payment is not a booking fee. It is part of your accommodation cost, which means that you pay at the time of booking 15% and then 85% on arrival.
In case of cancellation, the deposit will be returned to you (conditions may apply).

We process all payments through PayPal.
After years of trying several systems, this one prooved to be the easiest for clients and the most reliable.

Once you filled in our booking form with a few basic details (email, arrival, departure), you can enter the payment section.
Here you will be redirected to a customised page on a secure server, hosted by PayPal.
When you get to the payment page, it will already be set for your chosen apartment and your chosen dates, and it will have the amount requested as deposit already calculated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not have to register on PayPal to complete your payment.

The payment page contains 2 payment options:
the box on the right side which asks for email and password is ONLY for registered users that want to pay through their PayPal account.
the link on centre - bottom, by the Visa cards icons is the one you have to follow if you want to pay by credit card


NOTE: When a larger amount is requested as deposit in advance (over 1500 euros), we recommend bank transfer instead of PayPal payment.
This is because in case we need to issue a refund, it is possible that PayPal would delay the payment up to 3 weeks, even if we issue it right away.
In practice this has only happened once, however we feel it's best to inform you about it.

Special requirements: sleeping arrangements, pets, parking

We do our best to meet all your demands.
Any special request you might have, please let us know, and please write it in the NOTES section of your booking form.

Sleeping arrangements

Whenever the layout and furnishing of the apartment allows it, we will arrange double beds and single beds as you request it.
We provide also baby cots upon request.


Some apartments allow pets, some don't.
Please check the conditions of each apartment within its TERMS section.


Some apartments allow smoking, some don't.
Please check the conditions of each apartment within its TERMS section.


All holiday apartments that we offer have kitchen facilities. For this reason, not many guests ask for breakfast, so we usually do not provide it as special service.
We do however collaborate with some apart-hotels, where you can get breakfast in the room on request.


Some apartments have parking in the building, some don't.
Please check the conditions of each apartment within its TERMS section, where you can also find the rates for parking.
If the building does not have parking we'll give you information about the parking options in the area.

Online and On Request Apartments

Most apartments can be booked easily online through our system.
We are doing our best to keep all records up to date, however there are a handful of apartments for which the online availability may not be 100% available online. These are the apartments available on request, that is the aparmtents for which we recommend that you contact us before completing your payment, to double check availability (especially in top terms).

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